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DK: Government would send man into space despite cost-of-living crisis

It is unacceptable that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's government would send a man to space for 40 billion forints (EUR 97m) while it is unable to set aside funds for raising teachers' salaries and subsidising utility bills, Zoltan Varga, a lawmaker of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), said on Sunday.

Citing foreign press reports and space industry portals, he said that Orbán’s government is going to spend 100 million dollars on sending a Hungarian into the outer space with the help of the US company Axiom Space.

This is unacceptable in a period when the country “is plunging into a cost-of-living crisis caused by ruling Fidesz,” Varga told an online press conference.

“If this happens, Hungary is indeed light years away from a true European democracy,” he said.

A responsible government would never do such a thing in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, the DK lawmaker said.

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