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DK: Fidesz trying to invigorate ‘voter tourism’

The opposition Democratic Coalition has accused the ruling Fidesz party of attempting to "invigorate voter tourism".

DK’s deputy group leader Gergely Arato told an online press briefing on Wednesday that parliament passed Fidesz sponsored legislation that “basically means that election fraud is enshrined in law”.

Henceforth, a place of residence is regarded as a contact address only, and it will no longer be necessary to live there in order to cast a vote.

In 2018, he added, “dozens of Ukrainians” were registered in run-down, uninhabited houses near the border.

The DK politician said his party expected voter tourism to ramp up in the 2022 general election. Opposition parties, he added, would mount a campaign to verify the authenticity of the addresses of those on the electoral roll in each individual constituency.

Also, DK wants all opposition parties to jointly appeal to the Constitutional Court with the demand that it repeal the law, Arato said.

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