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DK: European minimum wage, ‘farsighted economic policy’ needed for higher Hungarian wages

A European minimum wage and a farsighted economic policy are needed in order to secure higher wages in Hungary, an opposition DK lawmaker said on Friday.

At an online press briefing, Laszlo Kordas accused the government of wasting the past 13 years, insisting that the average wage in Hungary had failed to narrow the cap with wage levels of most European countries. The majority of indicators, he added, showed an growing gap between Hungary and the rest of Europe on this score.

DK’s shadow government “is the only hope” for Hungarian workers to receive decent, European-level payment for their work, he said. Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants Hungarians to work for Balkan or Asian wages, but “our place is in the EU” and Hungarians deserve European-level wages, he added.

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