Klara Dobrev (r) and Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: MTI

DK drafts ten-point child protection plan

Klara Dobrev, the shadow prime minister of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), unveiled a ten-point child protection programme advocating an increase in financing for family subsidies and institutions for children in a video posted on Facebook on Sunday.

Dobrev said the “failed system of state institutions” shared the blame, along with paedophiles and their accomplices, for the victims at the Bicske children’s home.

She said DK would introduce tougher sanctions for people who commit paedophile crimes and their accomplices, while setting up committees to probe suspected paedophile crimes at state and church institutions. She underscored the need to establish more effective protection and support for victims with the involvement of civil organisations.

She said adoption should be allowed for all families, including single parents and people living in registered partnerships, in which children can grow up in a loving, caring community. She added that poverty should not be grounds for removing children from their families.

The plan also presses for increased financing for children’s homes.

She said family subsidies ought to be doubled to eliminate child poverty.


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