Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

DK: Dobrev vows to declare ‘state of corruption emergency’

If the opposition alliance were to win the 2022 elections, a "state of corruption emergency" would be declared and the assets of "Fidesz oligarchs" frozen, a Democratic Coalition (DK) politician said on Thursday.

Klara Dobrev, DK’s prime minister-candidate, has also vowed to set up an independent anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and a special police force to investigate corruption cases, Gergely Arato, the leftist party’s deputy parliamentary group leader, told an online briefing.

Further, a government formed by the current opposition would want Hungary to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, he said.

Citing a recent report, Arato said that businessman Lorinc Meszaros had earned 185 billion forints (EUR 529m) during the coronavirus pandemic, becoming Hungary’s richest man.

“We all know what this means: [Prime Minister] Viktor Orban has become the richest Hungarian through his middleman,” he said.

While the honest majority tried to cope with the coronavirus and the ensuing crisis, “the Fidesz few, the prime minister among them, shovelled hundreds of billions worth of public assets out of the country,” Arato said, adding that these monies would be retaken if a new government entered office in 2022.

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