Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

DK: Dobrev campaign event disrupted by man with pistol in Eger

A man attempted to disrupt with a pistol a local campaign rally held by Democratic Coalition (DK) politician Klara Dobrev in Eger on Friday, the opposition party's press office told MTI.

Dobrev visited the city in northern Hungary on her campaign trail for the pre-elections, the selection of opposition candidates for prime minister and lawmakers for next spring’s general election.

In a statement, DK’s press office said that “[ruling] Fidesz sent armed provocateurs to attend and disrupt the outdoor campaign rally held by Klara Dobrev”.

“Since their attempt failed, one of them pulled a pistol and pointed it at a participant of the rally” attended by around 200 people, the party said in a statement.

Sandor Ronai, an MEP of DK, called the police who detained the “provocateurs”, it said.

The local police’s press officer told MTI that three men attending a political event reported to the police in advance got involved in a hassle with the event’s other participants. One of them pulled a pistol he legally owned but “did not use it”.

The 25-year-old man and the other two men were detained, Balint Soltesz said, adding that legal proceedings are under way.

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