DK demands public national vaccination plan

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Sunday demanded the government to prepare and release to the public a national Covid-19 vaccination plan. "Whereas mass vaccinations are either already under way or are about to begin in most European countries, no similar action whatsoever has been taken in Hungary just yet," Zoltan Varga, a lawmaker of the leftist party, told an online press conference.

“The draft, a cheap sketch posted on the National Public Health Centre’s website, is nothing but empty notes without real information or content; it can hardly be called a vaccination plan,” Varga said.

He said DK is demanding the “panic” government to explain why it had not been able to release to the public a comprehensive vaccination plan which he said should advise Hungarians about the exact date and place of getting inoculated against Covid-19.

Ruling Fidesz in response said DK was again “telling lies, as it has been doing ever since the coronavirus broke out”, asking the party “to stop lying and confusing the public”.

Hungary started vaccinations against Covid-19 on December 26 with health-care workers in the front lines getting the first shots, Fidesz said in a statement, adding that their inoculation is ongoing at 21 hospital vaccination points.

Next in the line are residents and staff in elderly care homes, law enforcement staff working in epidemic defence, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, to be followed by the general public as the country takes further deliveries of vaccines, the party said.

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