DK calls on Orbán ‘to get parliament’ to ratify Sweden’s NATO accession

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán "to get the Hungarian parliament" to ratify Sweden's NATO accession.

Party spokeswoman Olga Kalman told a press conference on Wednesday that it was clear ever since the issue emerged that Sweden’s accession is as much in the interest of NATO as of Hungary.

“The biggest hurdle, Turkiye’s veto, has been lifted with the Turkish parliament’s ratification of Sweden’s membership,” she said.

Kalman said that Orbán “has been left on his own on this issue as well” and “is a loner in standing in the way of Sweden’s accession”.

“It is clear that the Hungarian prime minister, who is under Putin’s influence, is not considered a sovereign player in the European political arena. Even the Swedish government said their members do not want to meet Viktor Orbán as they have nothing to discuss,” Kalman said.

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