Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

DK calls on government to ‘reassure’ bank clients ‘their savings won’t be touched’; opposition is fearmongering, Fidesz says

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on the government to reassure bank clients they will not touch their savings, and DK also accused the ruling parties of threatening to strip left-wing party's deputy leader Laszlo Varju of his parliamentary positions.

DK shadow prime minister Klara Dobrev told an online press conference on Saturday that Varju earlier had called on the cabinet to reassure people over the security of their savings.

Earlier this week, Varju cited central bank governor Gyorgy Matolcsy as saying that Hungary would be among the five most vulnerable countries in the world. Further, Matolcsy said inflation would be between 14 and 18 percent in 2023, and added that there was no longer coherence between the government’s economic policymaking and the central bank.

Dobrev insisted that at the news of Varju’s press conference, Fidesz had threatened to strip him of his positions in parliament and to launch a criminal investigation. The National Bank of Hungary (NBH) also filed a complaint against Varju, she said.

“We reject all government threats; neither the shadow cabinet nor DK can be intimidated,” she said.

She called on the government to clarify whether they “agree with Matolcsy’s assessment” and whether they want to “access private savings”.

In response, Fidesz said the leftist party was “acting on orders and helping the attack on the forint … by spreading fearmongering messages and fake news”.

“The speculators of Soros’s ilk earn money by attacking the forint. [Dobrev] is spreading fake news because it is in the interest of her clients,” the statement said.

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