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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán owes an explanation, opposition says

DK calls on Fidesz to exclude Szajer from party

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Wednesday called on ruling Fidesz to exclude MEP Jozsef Szajer from the party's ranks with immediate effect.

Balazs Barkoczi, DK’s spokesman, told an online press conference that “Jozsef Szajer’s illegal, drug-fuelled group sex orgy raises several questions”.

Barkoczi said Szajer’s case concerned one of Fidesz’s founding members, author of Hungary’s new “so-called Christian-spirited” basic law who has violated laws and tried to flee from the authorities.

Szajer’s actions went against all the principles that Fidesz has been citing in the last ten years while “driving the country to ruin”, he said.

After such events, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán obviously owes an explanation to the country about Szajer’s future, Barkoczi said.

“Hungarians have been hearing from Fidesz for ten years about what families should be like, what the traditional and desirable gender roles were and how liberalism was trying to ruin the sanctity of the family,” he said.

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