Illustration - Photo: pxfuel

DK calls on Budapest leaders to employ Hungarians instead of ‘underpaid’ guest workers

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on the Budapest city's leadership to employ Hungarians for "normal wages" instead of "underpaid" foreign guest workers.

Budapest’s leaders had earlier ruled out the employment of guest workers by municipality companies and had asked their subsidiaries to follow suit, DK city assembly group leader Sandor Szaniszlo, told a press conference ahead of a municipal assembly meeting on Wednesday. “But the employment of guest workers who mainly come from third countries outside the EU has been prevalent in Hungary,” he said.

It was unacceptable that foreign capitalists and “the businesses of [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán made excessive profits this way”, he said, adding that opposition-led Budapest must demonstrate that “it disagrees with the government’s philosophy of exploiting workers in the interest of generating economic growth and making profits.”

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