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DK calls for zero percent VAT for basic foods

The opposition Democratic Coalition has called on ruling Fidesz to vote for its earlier proposal cutting VAT for basic foodstuffs to zero percent.

DK spokesman Balazs Barkoczi told an online press conference on Monday that food prices had jumped by 25 percent in May. Citing the magazine, Barkoczi said the price of cheese, butter, pork, pasta and another 30 items had grown significantly last month, and the cabinet’s “window dressing” has failed to stop rising prices, he said.

Fidesz said in a statement in response that had it been up to Ferenc Gyurcsany, DK’s leader, then prices would have risen four-fold, as the left wing would have scrapped the price cap on household utility bills and caps on vehicle fuels and basic foods.

Also, electricity prices would more than triple, while natural gas would increase more than five-fold, the statement said.

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