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DK calls for stopping construction of battery plants in Hungary

To avoid further fatal accidents, the construction of all battery plants must be stopped and the already existing facilities reviewed, the opposition Democratic Coalition said on Sunday.

Olivio Kocsis-Cake, the party’s shadow climate and environmental minister, told a press conference that the battery plant in Ivancsa, near Budapest, had already seen three fatal accidents. He said communication between workers there was difficult due to the language barrier, “and a new tragedy is coded in the situation”.

Battery manufacturing has been proven to put the lives of workers and neighbourhood inhabitants at risk, “but the Orban government is only interested in the profits of large Chinese companies”. “That’s why we must send Viktor Orban away as soon as possible”, and DK will demand early general elections if the government is in the minority at the European parliamentary elections on June 9, Kocsis-Cake said.

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