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DK calls for recovering advance payments transferred to ‘Fidesz billionaires’

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) calls for recovering advance payments of European Union support transferred by the government to "Fidesz billionaires".

Party MEP Sandor Ronai said the European Commission had recently proposed suspending the payment of several billion euros in EU support to Hungary as a result of the Orbán governments’ “stealing of EU monies’ over the past twelve years.

The Hungarian government regularly makes advance payments using taxpayers’ monies for projects funded by the EU even before the transfer arrives in the budget.

“If the EU funding does not arrive, then the monies already paid to [businessman] Lorinc Meszaros and other Fidesz billionaires will be doubly missing from the Hungarian people’s pockets,” he said.

According to DK, the advance payments must be immediately recovered and transferred to Hungarians SMEs to help them pay their utility bills, Ronai said.

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