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DK accuses government of ‘cheating blanket fee gas consumers’

The opposition Democratic Coalition has accused the government of "cheating" consumers paying blanket fees for natural gas when they "called a raise in utility prices a price cut".

Deputy parliamentary group leader Laszlo Varju told a press conference on Friday that the Orban government had promised blanket price payers to receive discount prices, but “many are now facing sevenfold the earlier prices, up to 100,000-200,000 forints[EUR 263-526]”.

Meawhile, the “Orban inflation” means that wages and pensions are worth less and less, Varju added.

As long as Orban is on power, the inflation and utility price rises will remain, he said.

“The Social Democratic shadow government led by Klara Dobrev is preparing to curb inflation and raise wages and pensions,” he said.


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