Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Deutsch: Time to review school teaching on anti-Semitism

Being anti-Israel is a new form of anti-Semitism, Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch said in Strasbourg on Tuesday, adding that the time had come to review school materials in the European education system related to anti-Semitism, the State of Israel and Judaism.

Addressing a conference held in the European Parliament entitled The role of education in the fight against anti-Semitism, Deutsch said history could be prevented from repeating itself only through the handover of knowledge, and the Jewish community should never again be a target or victim of extremist groups.

He said that after the terrorist attack against Israel, left-wing and far-left parties and NGOs had fuelled anti-Semitic and anti-Israel acts in many western European cities with “apparently pro-Palestinian” demonstrations which “in fact supported terrorism and terrorists”.

Deutsch called this “proof of moral corruption on the left”, insisting that “national and international socialism” was “allied with anti-Semitism”.

Hungary enforces zero tolerance against all forms of anti-Semitism, he noted, adding that Hungary was “one of the safest places for Jews” today.

The head of the Fidesz EP delegation said the Tett es Vedelem Foundation was created with the aim of preventing anti-Semitic manifestations by educating people about Judaism and strengthening the identity and traditions of the Hungarian Jewish community. The foundation helps to develop Jewish-related teaching materials used to teach the Hungarian national curriculum, he added.

Christian Democrat MEP Gyorgy Holvenyi said building a society free of anti-Semitism and based on democracy and tolerance began in the classroom.

Miklos Panyi, parliamentary state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, said in his speech that there was an emphatic link between acts of anti-Semitism, terrorism and illegal migration. Western European countries, he said, were “unable to control the situation”. Migrants, he added, did not favour liberal ideology and the left-wing ideas meant “nothing to them”. The foundations of Jewish-Christian society was being shaken to its core, Panyi said.

He said studies proved that Hungary was “the second safest country for Jews”. The Hungarian government, Panyi added, was committed to protecting Jewish communities against anti-Semitic attacks, exclusion and hate speech.

Gal Kinga, the head of the Fidesz EP group, said in her speech that growing anti-Semitism must be combatted and “hate movements” present on the streets of western European cities must not be allowed to take hold. They represented the failure of European migration and integration policy, she added.

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