Deutsch: National Consultation indicates Hungarians’ support for peace

The government's recent National Consultation survey has "clearly shown that Hungarians are for peace and they do not support the pro-war position of Brussels and the dollar left", Tamas Deutsch, MEP of ruling Fidesz, said in a video message released on Thursday.

Deutsch said Hungary had been the only country in Europe where “voters were allowed to give their opinion and indicate if they supported Brussels’s continued financing of the war in the neighbourhood”. “Their will is clear: Hungarians want peace rather than war . they won’t support plans to give Ukraine another 50 billion euros that the community does not have,” he added.

The MEP said respondents in the survey had expressed a “firm stance” concerning Ukraine’s possible European Union accession: they think the preconditions have not been met, “since we are talking about a country at war, with its population and borders undefined.” In addition, he said, financing developments in Ukraine to close the gap with the bloc would “bring Europe’s national economies to their knees”.

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