Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch: National approach, ‘dollar left’ incompatible

By adopting the European Parliament's resolution on the state of European values in Hungary, the "dollar left" had shown that the "national approach and the dollar left are incompatible", the head of ruling Fidesz's MEP group said on Wednesday.

Speaking to Hungarian journalists after an EP plenary on the issue, Deutsch said the Hungarian “dollar left” had launched another attack on their own country.

Deutsch said it had become clear that the “dollar left” was working to undermine their own country. He added that the resolution contained “every accusation, slander, lie and attack levelled at Hungary in the past decade”.

Hungarians, on the other hand, see these actions as outrageous and “as treason in a moral and political sense”, as well as shameful and unacceptable, he said.

“Standing against one’s own country in the European Parliament is violating one’s oath.”

He said leftist Hungarian parties had formed an alliance with the EP’s leftist majority to strip Hungary of EU funding. Those politicians, and their parties, had been “bought”, he said.

“We Hungarians, the majority with common sense, reject that. They are not going to change our pro-peace stance. They’re not going to change our rejection of illegal migration … [or] our policy serving the protection of children.”

Meanwhile, Hungary’s recently set up Sovereignty Protection Office, “one of the most effective tools against the Brussels madhouse”, needs a stronger legitimacy, he said.

The strongest legitimacy would be conveyed through a robust majority at the EP elections on June 9, he added.

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