Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Deutsch: Momentum MEPs working to prevent Hungary from receiving EU funds

MEPs of Hungary's opposition Momentum have been working to prevent Hungary from receiving European Union development funds, ruling Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch said on Wednesday, and also suggested that Momentum was acting under instructions from Ferenc Gyurcsany, former PM and head of the Democratic Coalition (DK) party.

Referring to recent remarks by Momentum MP Miklos Hajnal, Deutsch insisted that Hajnal had admitted that MEPs Anna Donath and Katalin Cseh were “working with all their might to prevent Hungarian citizens, teachers, municipalities, SMEs, and health providers from receiving the European funds the country is entitled to”.

Deutsch said Gyurcsany himself had earlier “boasted” that his DK party’s MEPs “invented the political conditions in legal disguise for the European Commission to blackmail Hungary”.

MEPs of Fidesz will propose an extraordinary session of parliament’s EU affairs committee to look into “the political moves by the dollar left to cause such serious, tangible losses to Hungarian citizens,” Deutsch said.

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