Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Deutsch: Left working to block Hungary’s access to EU funds

Politicians of the Hungarian "dollar left" are putting all their energy into blocking Hungarians' access to the European Union funds they are entitled to, Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch said in Brussels on Tuesday.

Speaking to MTI, Deutsch said that Democratic Coalition (DK) MEP Csaba Molnar on Monday called it his “patriotic duty” to prevent the payment of EU funds to Hungary.

Deutsch said that while the “dollar left” had been working against its own country for years, “the difference is that in the past they would deny it”.

Deutsch said DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany had “publicly admitted” in a radio interview that the left was actively working to prevent Hungarians from accessing EU funds, and that the European Commission was trying to put political pressure on Hungary.

“After Gyurcsany’s admission, the left is boasting about working against its own country,” the MEP said.

“It’s truly disgraceful to be boasting about such actions, not least because the Hungarian dollar left is the only opposition in the 27 EU countries that wants to block its own country’s access to development funds,” Deutsch said.

“The opposition parties of the other countries aren’t stabbing their own country and citizens in the back, in fact, they want to work to ensure that their country has access to as much EU funding as possible,” he added.

Deutsch said the funds in question could be used to raise the wages of 138,000 teachers, help hundreds of thousands of small businesses and enable energy investments that would strengthen Hungary’s energy sovereignty.

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