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Deutsch: Left jeopardising security of Europe’s energy supply

A proposal by Europe's leftist parties to prevent natural gas and nuclear energy from being classified as green, will jeopardise the security of energy supplies for the whole bloc, Tamas Deutsch, MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, said on Tuesday.

Should the European Parliament decide to remove natural gas and nuclear energy from the group of environmentally sustainable energy sources in a vote set for Wednesday, it would “cause the price of energy to skyrocket”, the MEP said.

If the EP adopts the leftist proposal, “there will be no energy sources nor energy security and the little energy left will not be affordable”, Deutsch insisted.

Ukraine has also appealed to the European Parliament to keep natural gas and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in the environmentally sustainable group, Deutsch said, adding that “those who support Ukraine will vote down the leftist proposal”.

Edina Toth, another Fidesz MEP, said the 2050 climate goals could not be achieved without natural gas and nuclear energy. Whether energy will continue to be supplied at affordable prices and the Hungarian government can continue its utility price cap programme will depend on Wednesday’s EP vote, she said.

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