Illustration – Photo: Facebook (Hungarian Defence Forces)

Election 2024 – Deutsch: Hungarian people can stop pro-war efforts

Tamas Deutsch, the European parliamentary election list leader of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats, said on Sunday that Hungarian people had a chance to stop pro-war efforts, and the number of pro-peace votes could exceed 2 million.

After casting his vote in Budapest’s District 2, Deutsch told the press that he expected “millions of well-meaning Hungarians to force pro-war voices and efforts to stop”.

He said he was very optimistic because Fidesz-Christian Democrats had carried out its greatest campaign effort on Saturday, meeting one million “well-meaning pro-peace Hungarian citizens”.

If everybody invites another person to the ballot, the number of pro-peace votes could exceed 2 million, he added.

Deutsch said the election had historic importance, with Hungarians getting a chance to elect European Parliament members for the fifth time and people can choose between war and peace.

He said the Hungarian political scene was clearly divided to the Fidesz-Christian Democrats representing “a pro-peace position that millions of Hungarians support” and all opposition parties “representing a pro-war position”.

He said the current situation was very serious because the majority of European leaders were “marching towards war at increasing speed”.

“Events in the upcoming weeks and months will determine if Europe gets drifted into the war in Ukraine”, he said, adding that this must be prevented.

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