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Deutsch: Hungarian interests fulfilled at last week’s EU summit

"Despite a series of attacks that Hungary was subjected to before last week's European Union summit", the decision made at the meeting in many ways represented a fulfilment of Hungary's national interests, ruling Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch said on Tuesday.

Deutsch told MTI in Strasbourg that thanks to a position Hungary had been holding consistently in connection with 50 billion euros support for Ukraine, the leaders at the summit decided “not to write a blank check”, and instead obliged the Council to hold an annual discussion concerning the use of support for Ukraine based on the assessment of the European Commission.

The other important decision made at the summit was that EU leaders gave a clear guarantee that the monies due to Hungary but so far held back “mostly unlawfully” would not end up in Ukraine, Deutsch said.

Meanwhile, Deutsch insisted that the European Parliament was “at the forefront of political violence and harassment” against Hungary.

Commenting on a plenary debate held by the EP on Tuesday morning, he said Hungary’s “dollar left” had once again demonstrated “its habit of scheming against its own country”. Katalin Cseh, an MEP of the opposition Momentum, demanded that the EU should change the basic treaty to ditch the requirement of unanimity in certain decisions, Deutsch said, adding that this could end up blanking out the opinions of average or smaller-sized member states.

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