Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch: ‘For us Hungary always comes first’

"For us Hungary always comes first," the European Parliament list leader of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats said on Friday.

Tamas Deutsch told the campaign launch event for the European Parliament election that all candidates on the EP list were dedicated and well-prepared patriots who had already demonstrated their talent. “A winning team, with every single person being a freedom fighter,” he added.

Deutsch said that that past week’s events in Brussels were comparable only to what “the Bolshevik dictatorships, the communists did”. “They wanted to ban a conservative event, a peaceful and decent conference in a violent manner, trampling over the law,” he added.

“Even the blind can see that Brussels has become the new Moscow,” he said.

Deutsch said it was obvious that the reason they wanted to ban the conference was that the participants talked about peace, they wanted peace, an immediate ceasefire and peace talks. He said the greatest difference between “sensible Europeans and those in Brussels that abuse their powers” was that the first group was pro-peace and the second pro-war.

He also said that Hungary’s “dollar left” was constantly working against Hungary in Brussels. He added that they had committed such serious cases of “high treason” that “even the most comprehensive criminal law could not prepare for them”.

Deutsch recommended to Hungarians to vote only for those candidates in the European Parliament elections that are faithful to the national colours and the coat of arms.

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