A plenary session of the European Parliament - Photo: europarl.europa.eu

Deutsch: Fidesz finalises EP election list

The national board of Fidesz has adopted the ruling alliance's European parliamentary election list, Tamas Deutsch, who heads Fidesz's list, said in a video uploaded to Facebook on Monday.

Concerning the upcoming election, Deutsch said “the stakes have never been this high”, with “Brussels bureaucrats inciting war and seeking to force Hungary into the war in Ukraine through political blackmail”. He insisted that the EU’s “pro-war” stance was supported by Hungary’s “dollar Left” parties.

“We Fidesz and Christian Democrat deputies will continue to promote the pro-peace position of Hungarian citizens … just as we reject Brussels’ pro-migration stance,” he said.

“We’ll protect Hungary and will not allow it to be turned into a migrant destination, and reject also Brussels’ gender frenzy,” Deutsch said.

“We’ll protect Hungarian children and will not allow gender ideologists swarm Hungarian kindergartens and schools,” he said.

On June 9 “we’ll have to sweep out the pro-war, pro-migrant and gender ideologist members of the Brussels bureaucracy together with the Hungarian dollar Left’s pro-Brussels MEPs,” Deutsch added.

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