Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch: Fidesz-Christian Democrats prepare for victory

The Fidesz-Christian Democrats are preparing for victory in the European Parliament election on June 9, the list leader of the Fidesz-Christian Democrats told public radio on Sunday.

Tamas Deutsch said the Fidesz national board had been determined to put together a “winning team” for the EP election, keeping in mind that the next EP term would be “perhaps the most difficult one” as Hungary faced even more “brutal attacks”.

He added that the Fidesz-Christian Democrats list would also represent ethnic Hungarian communities in Vojvodina, in Serbia, and Transcarpathia, in Ukraine.

He said farmers’ interests would be a key issue during the five-year term, pointing to a rebellion by farmers in Western Europe against Brussels’ agriculture policies.

Deutsch said a “big, even united right-wing, conservative, sovereigntist group could take shape in the EP with the participation of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats” adding that the “European mainstream” had said for months that a “right-wing, sovereigntist strengthening” was expected in June.

Deutsch said such a group could “redraw the EU’s political map”, offering a chance for the strengthening of the right wing and giving Hungary more room for manoeuvre.

Commenting on the potential re-election of Ursula von der Leyen, Deutsch said he believed it was impossible for all of the heads of government and state from the 27 EU members to unanimously support the current European Commission president.

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