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A consensus will be reached no matter how contentious many are at present, MEP says

Deutsch: EU tyranny could take place of communist tyranny

By linking European Union funding to the criteria of rule of law, an EU tyranny could take the place of the decades of communist tyranny, Tamas Deutsch, an MEP of ruling Fidesz-KDNP, said on public radio.

“Thank you very much, we wish for neither eastern nor western tyranny,” Deutsch said, stressing that the aim is to force Hungary into letting in migrants and recognising same-sex marriages, while hiding behind the rule of law in a manner that is “untruthful and vexing”.

A fundamental condition of ensuring equal rights for member states is that everyone’s opinion matters on the most important issues and that everyone’s interests and positions are respected, he said.

The EU is founded on the effective cooperation of nation states, and the badge of this success can only be to remain on this path, he said. It is by no accident that the EU Treaties require unanimity of member states’ heads of government and state on the most important decisions, he added.

If a member state vetoes a decision, it is simply exercising its right to communicate that there is still no unanimity.

Deutsch said a consensus must be reached for the start of the EU’s next seven-year budget and the 750 billion euro recovery fund, “so a consensus will be reached no matter how contentious many are at present”.

He said there is no way around Hungary’s and Poland’s veto as Polish and Hungarian citizens cannot accept EU decisions that enable the bureaucracy in Brussels to force member states to accept the mandatory resettlement of migrants.

“We say no to migration and there is no way the EU can force us to change this position, whether by political or financial force, blackmail or threats,” he said.

Deutsch said European countries, with the exception of Hungary, threw their hands up in the air when the massive wave of illegal migrants set off for the continent, and there are even “such kibitzers led by [US financier] George Soros, that go as far as to say that it would be useful to strengthen this trend”.

“Hungary was the first country, but it is now not the only country, that said no to migration, and ever since, it has been hearing the accusation that we unlawfully try to prevent the entry of migrants,” he said.

He also said that Hungary’s constitution reflected values chosen by the vast majority of Hungarians and it did not make same-sex marriage possible. If the EU issues a directive contrary to this, then it can impose fines on the country, arguing that Hungary does not observe the rule of law, he added.

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