Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch: EP left-wing whipping up hysteria but ‘we will protect Hungarian sovereignty’

The left-wing majority of the European Parliament, according to Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch, is playing a "dirty power game" to prevent the unfreezing of EU funds which Hungary is legally entitled to.

“No matter what the left-wing … does, we’ll defend Hungarian sovereignty,” the head of the Fidesz EP delegation told Hungarian journalists in Strasbourg on Tuesday after an EP plenary debate on the rule of law and independence of the judiciary in Hungary.

The aim of the “political hysteria” whipped up by the left wing, he said, was to put pressure on the European Commission and to create a political environment in which the EC would not “have the courage to state the facts” and declare that “Hungary has met all conditions required” for its funding to be unfrozen.

Fidesz and Christian Democrat MEPs stated clearly in the debate that “no matter how much pressure Brussels puts Hungary under, they would still insist that “war madness” must end in Ukraine, that illegal migration must be stopped and the external EU borders protected. Further, “gender ideology madness” must be opposed, and children protected, by preserving the Hungarian Child Protection Act, Deutsch said.

He added that “dollar left” MEPs were using the EP to attack their own country.

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