Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Deutsch: ‘EC withholding funds for political reasons’

The European Commission, under pressure from the Hungarian "dollar left" and the European left, is withholding EU development funds from Hungary for political reasons, Tamas Deutsch, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, told public radio on Sunday.

“I trust that the Commission will not maintain this unlawful state,” he told Kossuth Radio.

Deutsch said “we, Hungarians, have had to face for years the fact that various European Union institutions are conducting show trials against our country, trying to put massive political pressure on Hungary based on lies, slander, smears, increasingly rude political labels without any basis.”

He said the reason for this was that Hungary rejected illegal migration, while Brussels pursues a pro-migration policy and “tries to force this down the throats of member states”.

Deutsch said Hungarians say no to gender ideology madness, they want to protect their children and will not allow gender propagandists into kindergartens and schools. Hungary’s child protection law does not allow the right of parents to control their children’s education to be taken away from them, he said.

He added that Hungary consistently took a stand on the side of peace in connection with the war in Ukraine, whereas Brussels took a pro-war, hawkish position and pursued a flawed sanctions policy, which encourages the Brussels bureaucrats to exercise political pressure.

“Let’s admit, so far this political pressure has been successful, because Poland and Hungary have been unable to access the development funds they are entitled to,” the MEP said.

Deutsch noted that Hungary reached an agreement with the European Commission on professional issues in November last year and again this year.

At the end of May, the General Affairs Council of the European Council will hold another hearing, the 11th, as part of the Article 7 procedure, Deutsch said, but “they will say nothing new, nothing specific, the accusations will continue, the pre-drafter verdict will be delivered”.

He noted that members of the European Parliament’s budgetary control committee will soon be visiting Hungary, but it is already clear that they will arrive with a preconception: “they will see corruption phantoms in Hungary by all means, they will inevitably perceive that the rule of law is in ruins,” he said. “They are not interested in what is happening here, no matter what facts we present to them that contradict their original stance, they will still repeat their original defamatory position,” Deutsch said.

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