Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch: ‘Dollar left’ MEPs ‘proud to be working against their country’

"Dollar left" MEPs have been boasting about "working against their country" and trying to prevent Hungary from accessing the EU funds lawfully owed to it, Tamas Deutsch, Fidesz EP group leader, said on Wednesday.

In a video posted on Facebook, Deutsch said opposition Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh was a member of the “dollar-left choir” made up of DK and Momentum politicians “working tirelessly” to prevent Hungarians from receiving EU development funds, and “proudly bragging about it and slandering their country”.

He said Cseh was a hypocrite to stress the importance of the fight against corruption when she was part of “multi-billion corruption involving her family company fraudulently using Hungarian and European Union development funds”.

Deutsch said the left’s “mantra” was the importance of direct funding from Brussels. Yet if EU development funds owed to Hungary were to become direct sources from Brussels, Hungarians would lose 98 percent of EU funding due to them, he said, explaining that all EU member states can apply for direct funds, with each country receiving money in proportion to its population and GDP. These metrics account for around two percent of the EU total, he added.

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