Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch calls for probe into left’s ‘manoeuvring’ to block Hungary’s access to EU funds

Parliament's European affairs committee should open an investigation into the "dollar left's manoeuvres" aimed at blocking Hungary's access to European Union funds, ruling Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch said on Thursday.

Deutsch told MTI that he has turned to Fidesz parliamentary group leader Mate Kocsis, calling for a special session of the European affairs committee for the purpose of investigating the Hungarian “dollar left’s political manoeuvring” to block Hungary’s access to EU development funds.

In his letter to Kocsis, Deutsch noted that opposition Momentum lawmaker Miklos Hajnal had recently “admitted” on television that his party’s MEPs, Anna Donath and Katalin Cseh, “did their utmost to prevent the transfer of EU monies to Hungary”. He said Hajnal had admitted to Donath and Cseh’s roles in Brussels’s rule-of-law and infringement procedures against Hungary that delayed the country’s access “to the funds it is entitled to”.

Deutsch said Hajnal’s “admission” meant that Momentum’s MEPs had “broken their oaths and betrayed their voters” by working against Hungary.

He said Fidesz believed that “no ideological belief or political calculation” could overrule an MEP’s moral obligation to act in the interests of their country and its citizens.

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