Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Deutsch: Brussels bureaucrats intent on imposing their will on Hungarians

Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch has said Brussels bureaucrats are intent on imposing their will on Hungarians by whatever means possible when it comes to sanctions, illegal migration, and changes to the child protection law.

Deutsch told public radio that Hungary had fulfilled all of its 17 commitments, yet the European Commission was sticking to the same punishment recommendations against Hungary it had made to the European Council at the start of negotiations.

The EC’s problem, he said, was not with Hungary’s 17 commitments or the rule of law, but Hungary’s objection to Brussels forcing its stance on migration, sanctions, and the child protection law.

Commenting on Belgian liberal MEP Guy Verhofstadt’s suggestion that Hungary’s funding should be withdrawn each time it opposes EU policy, Deutsch accused Verhofstadt of being a “Hungary-hater”.

He said it was clear from Verhofstadt’s stance that Brussels was lying when it talked about European values and protecting democracy by taking action against Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians and Croats over the rule of law. The bureaucrats real problem with the countries — Hungary and Poland in particular — was their unwillingness to yield to the demands of Brussels, he added.

Deutsch likened what was happening within the European Union to domestic violence within the family, “and domestic violence is one of the most serious crimes”.

The ruling party politician said that 85-90 percent of Hungarians agreed that Hungary should reject illegal migration, protect its borders, and maintain the child protection law. They also reject “catastrophic” sanctions, he added.

He slammed “Brussels” for attaching “imaginable and unimaginable conditions” to Romania and Bulgaria’s Schengen accession, even though the two countries had fulfilled all the conditions. Meanwhile “cocky, arrogant, western member states” had stymied their Schengen membership nevertheless, he said.

Deutsch said western member states should ditch their “condescending, smug, colonialist behaviour”, adding that many arrangements for the whole of the EU must be reconsidered.

Referring to a bribe scandal involving a vice-president of the European Parliament, he said it was becoming clear that the European left wing was receiving “incredibly large sums of money” from beyond the EU, and he also referred to a similar case involving Hungarian left-wing opposition politicians.

Meanwhile, the Fidesz MEP said, the European and Hungarian left wing were the loudest complainers when it came to highlighting external corruption and interference.

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