Tamas Deutsch - Photo: MTI

Deutsch: ‘Brussels bureaucrats becoming fanatical war agitators’

It is "shocking, outrageous and painful" to see every day that "the bureaucrats of the European Union which began as a peace project are becoming fanatical war agitators", Tamas Deutsch, an MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, told the party's 30th congress on Saturday.

The EU’s mission is to guarantee the peace of the hundreds of millions of people living in Europe and its neighbourhood, Deutsch said. But while many are dying in the war in Ukraine, “every MEP of the Hungarian dollar left in Brussels is pushing for escalating the war and more and more weapons deliveries”, he added.

Hungary’s left-wing MEPs, he said, wanted the country to be dragged into the conflict. “But no matter how strong the headwind, we’ll stay out of this war and represent a policy of peace,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deutsch said that “despite all the attacks from Brussels”, Hungary had for years been successful in protecting its southern borders, and in doing so, the EU as well. The Hungarian authorities have prevented the entry of more than 230,000 illegal migrants so far this year, and have prevented more than a million illegal entries since 2015, he said.

He said the MEPs of the “Hungarian dollar left” were “backstabbing Hungarians” because they had declared in a referendum that “only we can decide whom we want to live together with”.

Deutsch said Brussels bureaucrats also wanted to force Hungary to scrap its child protection law “so that gender sensitivity commandos can roam free in Hungarian kindergartens and schools”.

“We understand the message: we’ll be tightening the child protection law,” Deutsch said.

On another subject, he said the “Brussels bureaucracy” was unlawfully withholding the funds owed to Hungary for political reasons. “They don’t like the decisions we’ve been making since 2010,” he said, insisting that “[Democratic Coalition leader] Ferenc Gyurcsany and the comrades of the dollar left” were the ones behind the “politically extortionate terms they want to force on Hungary”.

Deutsch said change was needed in both Brussels in Hungary, arguing that it was “inconceivable” that Hungarian MEPs should be allowed to manoeuvre against their own country in the future.

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