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Deputy speaker advocates sovereign EU ‘respecting treaty’

Hungary wants to see "a sovereign European Union independent of other powers and influences ... which preserves the European values as laid out in the founding treaty", Istvan Jakab, the deputy speaker of Hungary's parliament, said in Prague on Tuesday.

Speaking at a conference of the community’s parliamentary speakers, Jakab said it was “not the European Commission or the European Parliament that must be competitive, but the nation states making up the European Union, too.” The EU, he insisted, was not a federal structure but “a sui generis organisation of nation states”.

Europe’s energy security, he said, was “an issue of sovereignty, economy, and national security, rather than one of ideology.”

“Due to central Europe’s geopolitical situation we expect more understanding and respect, since Hungary in the medium term does not have a realistic alternative to instantly giving up Russian gas imports or nuclear energy,” Jakab said. Discriminating between energy sources on a political or ideological basis made no sense, he said, adding that “no single ideology should become an exclusive gauge; such exclusivity was characteristic of dictatorships such as Communism and Nazism.”

“The so-called mainstream media, striving to be exclusive, and pseudo-civil organisations engaged in ideological promotion will destroy our greatest European value: unity in diversity,” Jakab said. “Legalising drug abuse or sexualising our children are unacceptable, no matter through what insidious or even aggressive drug lobbying or LGBTQ propaganda,” he added.

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