Deputy PM: Hunting Expo to highlight importance of sustainable hunting

The message of Hungary's upcoming World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition is that sustainable hunting is key to nature economy, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said in Godollo, near Budapest, on Saturday, marking the national day of hunting.

Government measures to improve hunting regulations have made it possible for the country to host an expo with the motto “One with nature”, Semjen said. The government has cut the red tape around the ownership of guns, and passed “the best hunting legislation in the world”, which did a great deal to protect wildlife in Hungary, he said.

Zoltan Kovacs, the government commissioner in charge of the preparations, said 98 countries will be represented at the event which will see six conferences in 20 days. The participating 1,500 hunting organisations will hold 529 events nationwide, he said.

The expo will be held between September 25 and October 14.

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