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Deputy mayor: Budapest saved HUF 9 billion in January

The Metropolitan Council of Budapest saved some 9 billion forints (EUR 23.5m) in electricity bills for public lighting, drinking water supplies and public transport this January by purchasing electricity at a daily spot price instead of signing a long-term contract, the deputy mayor said on Thursday.

Ambrus Kiss said the council had decided to purchase electricity at a daily price instead of signing a long-term contract because offers received in the autumn for electricity procurement were too expensive.

Electricity for drinking water supply and public transport was offered to the council at 300 forints per kWh and public lighting at 462 forints per kWh, he said. By opting for the daily spot price, it ended up paying 77 forints per kWh for electricity for drinking water supply, 117 forints per kWh for public lighting, and 138 forints per kWh for public transport, he added.

As a result, Budapest saved around 4 billion forints in public lighting, 1.5 billion forints in drinking water supplies and 3.5 billion forints in public transport, he said.

Meanwhile, Kiss said Ukrainian refugees, many from Transcarpathia, spent more than 100,000 nights in the care of the capital, which is accommodating them at several locations. The city administration is helping them to integrate into the labour market and supports their education, he said.

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