Photo: MTI

Demonstration for education held in front of public media headquarters

A demonstration by students, teachers, parents and supporters was held in front of the public media MTVA headquarters in Budapest on Friday evening.

Participants at the event organised by the Unified Student Front and the Pala Movement demanded trustworthy and objective programming by the public media which they said failed to inform the public about the real situation of public education and disallowed them to express their opinion on the matter.

Student speakers said the MTVA headquarters was “a symbol of oppression and silence” and they smashed a television set with a hammer on a stage in front of the building.

The demonstrators gathered earlier in the day at Florian Square and marched to MTVA’s headquarters chanting “Free country!”, “Free education”, “Pay our teachers” and “Silence is no order”.

Many of the demonstrators carried Hungarian and EU flags and flags symbolising chequered shirts, an outfit that has become associated with teacher demonstrations, as well as flags of the teachers’ unions PDSZ and PSZ.

They carried lit torches and demanded the resignation of the interior minister, who is at the helm of the ministry in charge of education.

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