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Demeter: New coordinated museum centre will have to present cultural unity

The new Szechenyi Ferenc Public Collection Centre comprising six cultural institutions will have to present the unity of Hungarian national cultural identity, Szilard Demeter, the director of the Petofi Museum of Literature (PIM), said on Thursday.

The coordinated operations of the National Museum, the National Szechenyi Library, PIM, the Hungarian Natural Science Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts and the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Hospitality will have to ensure that these institutions are able to offer a public service that can present a unified national cultural identity, Demeter, who will take over as director of the National Museum on March 6, told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio.

Demeter said he disagreed with the idea that writers, visual artists and musicians should operate separately, arguing that culture was whole when it was unified.

“The Hungarian National Museum isn’t just an institution with dusty objects, but a knowledge centre, and presenting the diversity, unity and complexity of this knowledge is a good task,” he said.

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