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Army chief: Kecskemet Airshow to demonstrate developments

Defence minister: Government puts Hungary’s security first

Hungary's government puts the country's security and the safety of its people first, the defence minister said in a video message on Facebook on Wednesday. To ensure the country's security, the government has embarked on Hungary's biggest ever military development scheme, Tibor Benko said.

The issue of defence has been placed on new foundations, allowing Hungary to rebuild its military, Benko said. This was necessary because Hungary over the past decades had been witnessing a “conscious watering down of the Armed Forces” due to a lack of political will or economic stability, the minister said. This is something the country cannot afford in a time of cyber security and terror threats and mass migration, he added.

Hungary is now building a strong and competent military committed to defending the homeland which is always ready to serve the security interests of the people, he said.

When it comes to the military, Hungary values both its contracted soldiers and its voluntary reservists, Benko said. The government considers it crucial to recruit young people to the military and is also creating the conditions for taking proper care of its veterans, he added.

The modernisation of Hungary’s military industry doesn’t just serve to improve the country’s defence capabilities, but it also creates jobs and contributes to growth, Benko said.

Army chief: Kecskemet Airshow to demonstrate developments

The international Kecskemet Airshow 2021 to be held on the last weekend of August will demonstrate the significant developments the Hungarian Army, including the ground and air forces, has undergone in the past eight years, army chief Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi said on Wednesday.

Ruszin-Szendi told public news channel M1 that all aircraft currently used by the Hungarian army will be featured in the airshow. Additionally, aircraft used by a dozen other countries will also fly in the Kecskemet base’s airspace during the show, he said.

Land equipment and some prototypes of Hungarian-developed weapons are also planned to go on display, he added.

The airshow’s programme will include various competitions and some of the winners will get a chance to fly with an army helicopter, he said.

For the list events to be held at the Kecskemet Airbase on August 28-29, visit repulonap2021.hu.

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