Illustration – Photo: Facebook (Hungarian Defence Forces)

Defence Minister: Developing Hungary’s armed forces ‘a must’

Hungary's armed forces must be developed to a level that it enables defending the country, if need be, the defence minister told a business conference in Budapest on Friday.

Addressing the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum 24, Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky said the development process is under way in the defence industry, including an upgrade of arms, infrastructure and military staff.

Giving an outline of development projects, the minister noted the “huge progress” made in all military branches. He noted “a qualitative generational change” in the country’s air defence capabilities which he said “have been brought to a top-notch level”.

The next task is to set up a heavy brigade which is a NATO requirement, he said, noting Hungary’s pledge to establish a substantial ground armoured force by 2028.


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