Debrecen – Photo: Flickr

Debrecen prepares environmental strategy

The city of Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, has prepared the basis for a "historic" environment control system, Laszlo Papp, the city's mayor, said on Monday.

Referring to a “stormy” public hearing concerning a new Chinese battery plant in Debrecen earlier this year, the mayor said he had pledged to introduce a comprehensive monitoring system based on input by Debrecen University experts, independent of similar systems operated by relevant authorities.

The new system will cover the city and the greater Debrecen area, with monitoring points already determined, Papp said, adding that deployment of the system will start next year, and “the first data will be recorded before the large plants start operating”.

Gyorgy Kossa, the head of the foundation running Debrecen University, said the university will “record and assess environmental impacts and will do everything, in cooperation with the city, in the interest of residents’ safety”.

MP Lajos Kosa noted the key significance of storing energy, which “needs to be done in a way that it does not jeopardise the public”. The city “takes care of its residents … we cannot do anything that jeopardises residents, but developments must go ahead,” he said.

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