Danube embankment on Pest side to reopen for pedestrians, cyclists on weekends

The Budapest municipal council will reopen the Danube embankment on the Pest side to be used exclusively by pedestrians and cyclists on weekends, until works on the revamp of the embankment are started, the Mayor's Office said.

The embankment section between Margaret Bridge and Kozraktar Street will be reopened from March 27 allowing a larger area to be used by pedestrians in Budapest and reducing this way overcrowding, the office said in a statement.

The embankment will be closed for cars from 6am on Saturdays until 7pm on Sundays, it added.

The council asked everyone to observe epidemiological regulations, wear a mask and keep to social distancing rules at the embankment and in outdoor areas.

A map highlighting Budapest parks and natural areas is available at http://enbudapestem.hu/2020/05/szabadidos-terkep-covid-19-idejen/

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