Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Czech Republic sends new police unit to Hungary-Serbia border

The Czech Republic has sent another 40-member police unit to help patrol the Hungary-Serbia border as part of a border protection partnership among the Visegrad Group countries.

Jeno Szilassi-Horvath, deputy police chief of the Csongrad-Csanad County police force, said the Czech contingent provided substantial help to Hungary in its border protection efforts.

The previous contingent helped apprehend more than 6,000 illegal migrants over the course of their two-month service, he said.

The new contingent will be posted on the Hungary-Serbia border until March 24, using their own equipment and vehicles, Szilassi-Horvath said.

Miroslav Toth, commander of the Czech unit, said the contingent had brought 16 vehicles, night vision equipment and two dogs to help protect the Schengen border.

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