Janos Csak

Culture minister in Egypt: National heritage ‘priority issue’

Preserving natural cultural heritage is of outstanding importance both for Egypt and Hungary, Janos Csak, the culture minister, said in Cairo on Monday, adding that the north African country served as an excellent example in that endeavour.

Csak told MTI by phone after meeting Nevine Youssef El Kelani that Egypt has a diverse national culture in which the Coptic Christian church and Muslims live side-by-side.

“Cairo’s government is making huge efforts to ensure that Christians, too, live peacefully in the country and to prevent violence stemming from religious differences,” the minister said.

Csak said he held talks on Sunday with Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Egypt’s minister for higher education and scientific research, as well as the minister in charge of education.

“They think along the same lines as the Hungarian government about culture, which for them not only embodies the arts but a lifestyle, a way of thinking, and the way they see the world,” the minister said.

Csak said he briefed Egyptian government officials on the transformation of the model for how Hungary’s universities are run, and they expressed appreciation for the changes.

At his meeting with Prime Minister Mostafa Kamal Madbouly on Sunday, he discussed the financing system of science and universities, and they agreed on launching joint education programmes with the launch of joint Hungarian and Egyptian diplomas.

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