Janos Csak

Cultural minister commemorates St Margaret of Scotland

Saint Margaret of Scotland, who was born in Hungary, creates a bond between people even today, the cultural minister said in Edinburgh on Tuesday evening.

Addressing a gala dinner held in honour of the 11th century queen of Scotland in the New Club, Janos Csak said that although Saint Margaret had died 930 years ago, “she still lives on and is here with us”.

She was a healer and peacemaker, not only in times of war, but in terms of religion as well, one who offered new solutions to old problems, the minister said.

“Saint Margaret of Scotland was a true Hungarian and a true Scot, and she will remain with us forever if we nurture her memory”, he said.

Margaret’s mother, Agota, was the daughter of Saint Stephen, Hungary’s first king. Her father, Edward, was an English prince, who took refuge in Hungary. Margaret was born in Reka Castle, next to Mecseknadasd, in 1046 and studied in the Benedictine school of Pecsvarad. Later on the family returned to England but, after the Norman invasion, they had to flee again, to Scotland.

Margaret married King Malcolm III Canmore of Scotland and had merits in the establishment of the Scottish Catholic church and in changing the barbarian customs of the royal court. She was canonized in 1251 on account of her benefactions to the Church.

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