Janos Csak

Csak: Turkiye Hungary’s strongest partner in strengthening families

The Hungarian government is dedicated to cooperation with all well-intentioned countries that place families in focus, and Turkiye is Hungary's number one and strongest partner in this undertaking, the minister of culture and innovation said on Tuesday.

Janos Csak told a joint press conference with Turkish Minister of Family and Social Services Mahinur Ozdemir that despite the attacks that the institution of the family was under around the world, both Hungarians and Turks know that culture and identity could only be preserved if besides schools and churches, families also foster the traditional values that made them strong in the past.

“Family life is the basis of civilisation, all progress and strength,” he said, citing Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founding father of the Republic of Turkiye.

He said that at the talks with Ozdemir, some concrete programmes had been devised and they had agreed to exchange the experiences collected from the efforts to strengthen families in order for Budapest and Ankara to offer examples for reversing the “demographic fall”.

He also said that during the Budapest Demographic Forum, the representatives of the attending Arab countries highlighted that Muslim countries considered it important also to strengthen the institution of families which they view as a basis for civilisation.

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