Janos Csak

Csak discusses joint research, student exchange on sidelines of Japan conference

Janos Csak, the minister of culture and innovation, attending an international conference in Japan, had bilateral talks on the sidelines with Martina Hirayama, Switzerland's education, research and innovation minister, as well as the heads of two major Japanese higher education institutions, Kohei Itoh, president of Keio University, and Hideo Ohno, rector of Tohoku University.

Talks focused on “strengthening our joint research and student exchange programmes,” Csak told MTI by phone from Kyoto. “On the horizon are encouraging joint projects,” he said, adding that Hungary must look beyond the borders of Europe and open up to the East in science and higher education, too.

Speaking about the conference, he said unprecedented challenges included Covid, AI, GMOs and the water crisis, and it was vitally important for future generations to be in a position to take responsible decisions.

The conference was opened by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kisida.

In his speech, Csak said the economic and intellectual freedom of movement of individual countries could be expanded through research, and the focus should fall on products supported by AI.

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