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Csak: Creating value right response to Trianon

It is by creating value and organising themselves that Hungarian communities can give the best response to Trianon, with a culturally strong, economically confident and prosperous Hungarian nation in every corner of the Carpathian Basin, Janos Csak, the minister for culture and innovation, said on Monday at a graduation ceremony in Targu Secuiesc (Kezdivasarhely), celebrating Hungary's Day of National Cohesion.

Csak noted that the Hungarian government was wedded to the policy of creating a work-based society, and he said Szeklerland had proven itself capable of fostering a successful economy that has attracted foreign investments over the last 14 years, and for this to happen, he added, places were needed “where people want to come and study”.

The minister thanked the region’s political and ecclesiastical leaders for their cooperation and he noted the manifold increase in the number of students studying at the local vocational school.

He referred to “world-class Hungarian dual training” as “vital knowledge platform in Szeklerland, noting that the Hungarian vocational training system ranks second among Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.

Meanwhile, Csak called Hungarians survivors of history, not its victims, but Hungarian survival in the future required “knowledge and self-organisation”.

“We have been here for 1,100 years, even longer … and we want to be here for another thousand years. For this to happen we must create value…” he added.

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