Janos Csak

Csak calls new culture and innovation ministry “ministry of future”

The ministry of culture and innovation ministry will be a "ministry of future", Janos Csak, the candidate to lead the new ministry, said at a hearing before parliament's welfare committee on Wednesday.

Assigned to oversee an unusual combination of areas, the newly established ministry can be regarded “an innovation itself”, he said.

The ministry will interpret the concept of culture in the broadest possible context, the candidate said, adding that children would be regarded as a “source of value” with the potential to become scientists, artists and entrepreneurs.

“The Ministry of Culture and Innovation will therefore consider it its duty to support vocational training, higher education and science, strengthen all systems that multiply the knowledge, innovation and business skills developed in Hungary, and facilitate the evolvement of new ideas,” he said.

The new ministry will further promote objectives represented by Viktor Orban’s previous governments between 1998 and 2002 and since 2010, Csak said, highlighting the importance of maintaining peace and security, and strengthening the bond to family, nation and western civilisation.

The candidate was supported with 11 votes in favour, one against and one abstention.

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