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Crime ring busted for forcing Hungarian women into prostitution in Belgium

Belgian and Hungarian authorities have busted a crime ring suspected of luring Hungarian women to Belgium under false pretenses and forcing them into prostitution there, the official website of the Hungarian police said on Tuesday.

Law enforcement arrested a 34-year-old Hungarian woman suspected of having recruited at least 20 financially struggling young women since 2018, promising them cleaning and other jobs in Oostende. She organised their journey and later managed the advertisement of their sexual services online, said.

Some of the women were under 18 when they were recruited, said.

Police have also arrested a man suspected of having lured the women, later forcing them into prostitution, taking their money, and threatening and assaulting some of them.

The two suspects are awaiting extradition to Belgium.

Belgian police have arrested another six people and the ring leader in Belgium, and seized 35,000 euros in cash, gold and luxury cars, the statement said.

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